Our Work

When it comes to campaigns, we do it all. Count on us for qualifying initiatives, voter registration, voter ID, voter persuasion, absentee chase and Getting Out The Vote.

Qualifying Initiatives
At Olson and Associates, we maintain the strictest hiring practices in the industry. Let’s face it, the people you hire to collect signatures are a direct reflection of your campaign. You deserve to be represented by clean-cut, well-spoken circulators who can articulate your message and shed a positive image on your campaign. Couple that with owners whose hands on approach is second to none and you have a winning combination.

Voter Registration
We have been active in Republican Voter Registration in California for the last ten years. Having organized registration efforts for candidates, county parties, and the Republican Party of California, we have successfully registered tens of thousands of new Republicans in California. In all our voter registration efforts, quality is paramount. We understand that the individuals we hire to register voters are the face of the Republican Party.

Voter Identification
Every campaign must work efficiently during the final days of the campaign when both time and resources are running out. That’s why it’s important to hit the streets early on and find out where individual voters stand on the issues.  That way when GOTV rolls around, campaigns can focus their energy on turning out already identified supporters instead of turning out the opposition.

Voter Persuasion
Sure flooding the airwaves and mailboxes with campaign advertisements works. But a winning campaign also requires real people making face-to-face connections with voters out in the community. Our professional and experienced grassroots experts understand the issues and can effectively customize any campaign’s message at the doorstep.

Absentee Chase/GOTV
Winning campaigns recognize that not everyone is a perfect voter. Sometimes voters fill out a ballot but leave it on the coffee table. Or they get home from work on Election Day and get distracted by their daily routine or favorite television show. Our seasoned campaign staff understand what it takes to motivate voters to hit the polls or mail in their ballot.